Candidate Services

Tax Professionals

  • Ever had a recruiter call you in the past and pitch you a job without knowing anything about you?
  • Ever had a recruiter twist your arm into looking at their position, probably because it is their only tax search at the time?
  • Tired of recruiters who know nothing about taxation pushing a Sales & Use position on you when you specialize in International Tax Planning, and so on?

With TaxScout® you can expect:

  • A search firm that knows the company it represents - the culture, the background of the management team, prospects for career growth and all the intangibles you really want to know outside of a job description.
  • You will get a skilled matchmaker who pairs your individual career aspirations with a world-class organization able to offer those challenges.

The TaxScout® Solution

We look very closely for certain things in the people we place, and there are certain things you can expect from us. We have worked for years building long-term relationships with candidates who know they can count on us to notify them about only premier positions that closely meet their needs and goals.

We will have a very detailed, consultative interview to determine the parameters of your search. In order to do so you must have a clear, realistic understanding of the contribution you make for your current employer versus what you are capable of making in a different setting.

Please note that we do not sell jobs. You must provide a clear, thoughtful view of what would constitute a perfect next step in your career to allow us to start matchmaking. If you are a bored opportunist who just "wants to know what's out there" please move along. If you have specific career goals for your own personal growth, and know for a fact you could make a greater impact to your employer under different circumstances then contact us immediately.

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